Upward Personal Finance helps families, single professionals, and newlywed couples focus on the important things in life and stop worrying about their financial futures by crafting a plan to realize their goals.


You are busy balancing your career with raising your kids, all while trying to save for your future and their’s. In your free time, you’d like to have a little fun, too. Perhaps you and your partner or spouse have differing views on finances and need a little help finding middle ground. Upward Personal Finance will guide you to your financial happy place. 

Single professionals

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You are finally out of school and starting your career. You want your finances to get off to a good start as well.  Your future is big and bright but your portfolio isn’t quite yet. You may have a lot of questions about what to do first, second, and third, and you don’t want to be sold anything you don’t need. Upward Personal Finance will give you clear direction that fits within your scope and budget.


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The average American wedding costs $30,000. Of that amount, usually zero is spent on getting this budding partnership on solid financial ground. Unfortunately, financial difficulties or differences are a big reason for divorce. Upward Personal Finance will customize a financial plan and a system for managing finances to help maintain your marital bliss.


Upward Personal Finance may not be the ideal solution for all. If you are facing bankruptcy and are not making ends meet, you are better served by a firm that specializes in these issues or debt consolidation. On the flip side, if you are looking for hot stocks to buy, or want to discuss p/e ratios, beta, and the like, we also are not the best fit for you.